Showtime Vending: "Earn It!"

Perform → Vote → Reward

A performance project by the Digital World & Image Group at Georgia Tech: Andrew Quitmeyer, Rebecca Rouse, Vignesh Swaminathan, Thomas Lodato, Ning Song, Sam Mendenhall, Matt Drake, Andrew Roberts and Michael Nitsche (faculty)

This project turns the region around a vending machine into an instant performance area for local and internet audiences. The entire system will be comprised of:

• vending machine (remotely controlled over the internet via its ethernet port)
• webcam (mounted on the vending machine)
• microphone(s) (mounted on the vending machine)
• small touchscreen monitor (mirroring the webcam's input and displaying information for users)
• LED rating display (illustrating current approval ratings of voters)
• social network/voting system (accessible via computer or phone)
• performer (performing in front of the vending machine trying for a free item)
• Local audience members
• Internet audience members

How it Works

A person is able to approach and use the vending machine in the normal manner: They insert money and choose the desired item. In our system, however, the user will also be faced with an additional option. By selecting the "Earn It!" option, the person freely enters into a fun audition with the chance of earning a free item.